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Polish Nationwide Contest Rules


1. Goal:

  • Commemorating the anniversary of granting location privilege to Bydgoszcz
    by King Casimir III the Great on 19 April 1346 in Brześć Kujawski

  • Promotion of city Bydgoszcz and Kuyavian-Pomeranian voivodeship region among radio amateurs from Poland and other countries

  • Training and perfecting participant’s operation techniques

  • Popularization of POLSKA Award and SP Powiat Award programs.

2. Organized by:

  • Bydgoszcz local PZK branch

  • Patronate – Bydgoszcz local PZK branch management

3. Date and time:

  • 3rd Saturday of April each year 14:00 – 15:59 UTC

  • 5 minutes of QRT before and after the contest.

4. Bands and modes:

  • 80m and 40m bands – according to the band plan exclusively in segment intended for each mode

  • CW and SSB

5. Participants:

Every licensed individual or club amateur radio stations and SWLs, polish as well as foreign, which during the contest will not use more than 100W output power and will use only one transmitter.
Important! It is not allowed to use more than one personal call sign, despite the fact that the individual or club station owns more than one valid basic, contest or special call sign.

6. CQ call format:

on SSB „Wywołanie w zawodach UMB” or „CQ UMB Contest”, on CW „Test UMB” or „ CQ UMB”

7. Contest Exchange:

Contest participants exchange control group which contain report RS(T), QSO serial number, voivodeship and county abbreviation (written together) consistent with localization from which the station works in contest:

  • polish stations after QSO serial number give voivodeship and county abbreviation (written together), i.e. using CW 599 001PBM , using SSB 59 002PBM

  • foreign stations give only report RS(T) and a QSO i.e. using CW - 599 001,
    using SSB -
    59 001

  • Important!
    - QSO numeration is continuous regardless band / mode.
    - localization change during the contest is forbidden.
    - remember not to mistake 0 digit (zero) with letter O (big O letter) in exchange group.


8. Scoring:

  • for correct contacts with stations working from Kuyavian-Pomeranian voivodeship (P) - 2 pts. on SSB, 4 pts. on CW

List of counties of Kuyavian-Pomeranian voivodeship (P):


AK aleksandrowski - Aleksandrów Kuj.
BC brodnicki - Brodnica
BM bydgoski - Bydgoszcz [grodzki]
BY bydgoski - Bydgoszcz
CL chełmiński - Chełmno
GM grudziądzki - Grudziądz [grodzki]
GR grudziądzki - Grudziądz
GU golubsko-dobrzyński - Golub Dobrzyń
IN inowrocławski - Inowrocław
LP lipnowski - Lipno
MO mogileński - Mogilno
NA nakielski - Nakło
RJ radziejowski - Radziejów
RY rypiński - Rypin
SJ sępoleński - Sępólno Kraj.
SW świecki - Świecie
TM toruński - Toruń [grodzki]
TO toruński - Toruń
TU tucholski - Tuchola
WK włocławski - Włocławek [grodzki]
WL włocławski - Włocławek
WO wąbrzeski - Wąbrzeźno
ZN żniński – Żnin 

  • for contacts with other stations 1 pt. on SSB, 2 pts. on CW.

Final score is a sum of points for correct contacts. There’s no multiplier.


9. Categories (All categories - MIX):

A – Individual stations from Kuyavian-Pomeranian voivodeship.
B – Club stations from Kuyavian-Pomeranian voivodeship
C – SWL stations from Kuyavian-Pomeranian voivodeship
D – Other polish individual stations
E – Other polish club stations
F – Other polish individual and club SWL stations
G – Foreign individual and club stations
H Foreign individual and club SWL stations

CHECKLOG - log only for control (log will remain unclassified)

  • Participant can classify himself only in one category

  • Committee stations will not be classified.

  • CONTEST” line of the Cabrillo header should be second from the top and should contain following sentence: URODZINY MIASTA BYDGOSZCZY

  • Logs with 10 and less contacts will be used only for checking and will be automatically moved to CHECKLOG category.

  • SWL stations can report one station not more than 4 times (2 modes per band: on 80m CW and SSB and on 40m CW and SSB)

10. Contact will not be correct in case of:

  • being made outside the contest time period

  • being repeated on the same band using the same mode

  • inconsistency of QSO details between both logs or time difference bigger than 5 minutes

  • localization change during the contest

  • use of more than one OWN call sign and sending more than one log one for basic call sign, second for contest or special call sign

  • QSO between stations at the same location or with the same operator. (QSO „between YOU and YOU”)

  • absence of correspondent log



Any inconsistency between logs will cause points not being accounted for both stations.


11. Awards:

In connection with pro-ecological activities since 2020:

- for taking places from I to V in individual groups E-AWARD diplomas (in PDF format).
- Individual competition certificates (in PDF format) will be sent to all competition participants who send the log within the required deadline.

If there are stations with the same number of points at places awarded with the E-AWARD diploma, then the order of stations in a given category is determined,
according to the rule of smaller number of unsuccessful QSOs or earlier sending the log.


12. Contest log (no need to count points):

For logging we recommend DQR_Log written by Marek SP7DQR, which you can download from:
Log with all times in UTC – a Cabrillo format file (*.cbr , *.log) with your call sign as a name i.e.
sp2pby.cbr or sp2zao_p.log (small letters only) should be sent to Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. not later than 7 days after the contest. Email subject should contain contest name abbreviation and the call sign you’ve been using during the contest i.e. UMB SP2PBY or UMB SP2ZAO/P, Log should be attached in Cabrillo file.

13. Contest results:

Results will be calculated 40 days after the contest and published at Any possible claim can refer only to mistakes made during points calculation (it can’t refer to an operator error in delivered logs) and should be directed to: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. within three days of the publication of the initial results. After that period published results become official and no claim will be accepted.

14. Committee decisions are final and are not a subject to appeal.



Contest committee:

1. Prezes Oddziału Terenowego PZK w Bydgoszczy – head of the commission

. A delegated member of the PZK Regional Branch in Bydgoszcz - a member of the commission